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Because we are women, Women's Professional Networking Group knows and understands the unique needs of business women everywhere.  Our meetings are educational, informative of community events, social issues, new business practices, helpful tips, and many other areas of interest.

Special Guest Speakers

As a member of the group, you are allowed to speak at one of our meetings to share about your company or the company you work for.  We are not industry exclusive so there are many opportunities to learn from one another.  We also have special guest speakers from other companies, organizations, and community events to speak to us concerning things that we are interested in.  

First & Third Weeks of Month
Tuesday evenings 5:30 - 6:30pm

(Holidays & Socials may alter schedule)
All meetings held at

Station Square in large

Training Room #136

(unless field trip)


301 S.Church Street

Rocky Mount

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